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The picturesque Pulau Tioman is one of the most beautiful islands in the world
Pulau Tioman is the biggest of 64 volcanic islands off the coast of Pahang, the others being Pulau Seri Buat, Pulau Sembilang, Pulau Tulai, Pulau Chebeh, Pulau Labas and Pulau Renggis.

Situated approximately 80km off the southeastern coast of Pahang, Pulau Tioman is reputedly one of the most beautiful islands in the region. The island was said to be the transformation of the princess of the Dragon Emperor and has since time immemorial be the perpetual abode of the princess.

The crystal clear waters here make Tioman one of the best diving spots under the sun where one can see as far as the 33-metre deep seabed.

The Salang beach on the island is an ideal location for diving. The colourful corals and wide variety of fishes here captivate the hearts of many a diving enthusiast.

A school of fish in the depth of the ocean
The adjacent Pulau Tulai and Pulau Renggis are places not to be missed by die-hard skindivers. Divers can also explore the underwater caves near Pulau Chebeh, as well as the coral reefs off Pulau Sepoi and Pulau Labas. The boat journey from Pulau Tioman to these serene islands takes about an hour.

If you don't want to get wet, try the round-island glass-bottom boat tour to discover the island's underwater marvels.

Tourists can also indulge themselves in windsurfing, canoeing or rod fishing in Pulau Tioman.

Cycling and horse riding can be arranged at Tioman Beach Resort. Here, you can aslo find an 18-hole golf course embraced by untouched rainforests. The course also offers the magnificent view of a huge granite rock and gushing waterfalls.

Pelangi Air provides daily flights from Kuantan, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore to Pulau Tioman. Berjaya Air also offers scheduled flights from Kuala Lumpur, while Malaysia Airlines and Silk Air both offer regular flights from Singapore to the island.

Tourists can also take a boat from Mersing in Johor. The journey takes about one and a half hours.

The Island Pearl Catamaran provides daily ferries from Singapore's World Trade Centre. The journey to Pulau Tioman takes four and a half hours.


Site of the first ever Club Med in Asia, Cherating is 47km north of Kuantan.

Club Med Cherating
At Cherating, one can choose from a range of cosy budget hotels, chalets or even homestays to experience the down-to-the-earth hospitality of the locals. Here, tourists can also buy from a wide selection of souvenirs such as the mats, hats or handbags woven of leaves.

1.5km from Cherating, the Chendor beach is home to green turtles. Occasionally, some giant leatherback turtles can also be seen here. These turtles make annual trips here to lay their eggs on the shore, from early July to September.

Tourists should make prior arrangements with the hotels for transfers from Kuantan town or the airport. Alternatively, they can drive or take a taxi to Cherating.

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